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Get your work published via this website. High quality publishing of your book using the latest in digital and Internet technology.

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  Directory publishing.
Burnham Media Services for a number of Years have produced Directories and Yearbooks in association with a number of Organisations.

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  Directory Advertising
Burnham Media Services have been chosen by several organisations to sell the advertising space within their directories and yearbooks. These directories and yearbooks are the main source of information used by all sections of the organisations and would give you direct exposure to the individuals responsible for the sourcing of goods and services within it.

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  Out of Print?.
We can bring out of print books or manuals back to life......

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  Book and cover design service
We can lead authors through every stage of their book's development.

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Once we receive your work we will:

Send proofs as hard Copy.
• Print cover onto 280gsm cover card gloss or matt laminated.
• Print pages on 80gsm volume 18 books wove or 100gsm Bond which ever is appropreate.
• Case bind, Perfect bind, and trim book.
• Pack books and send them by special delivery.
• Turn round most books within thirty days from signed off Proof.
• Provide continuous support online or by telephone.
• Work with you to produce a Individually designed covers to suit your book and taste.

Format Requirements:
1. Your choice of page size. This is your book however there are sizes which are industry standard and we will be able to advise you what is the most suitable for your publication.
2. All margins must be set to 15mm.
3. Your book must begin with a minimum four prelim pages, (these should be inserted before the start of your book).

To format your book if it is already written in Word™:
From the File menu, select Page Set up, this will open a dialogue box.
Select the Margins tab. Set Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins all to 15mm. Set Gutter to 0. Set Headers and Footers to 15mm.
Select the Paper Size tab. Set Paper Size to Custom. Set Width and height to size required.
If you have not yet begun your book, you can e-mail your required page set up and we will e-mail a template ready for you to start formatting including the prelims

Types of book:
Case binding – Also known as hard pack, usually with a paper dust jacket, printed on a 135gsm Art paper.

Printed Paper Case – Also known as a PPC, hard cover like case bound but with the cover printed directly, therefore alleviating the need for a separate dust jacket.

Soft back – also known as paper pack. Usually perfect bound where the cover is drawn on to the book block.

Run lengths from 100’s – to several thousand.

Marketing packs – containing Business Cards, Posters, and Postcards – individually tailored to your needs and Book.

How long will it take – That’s up to you - it can take only 10 days if every thing is ready to print and you have done all your home work and the files are correct, and there are no more corrections – on the other hand, we have known a book to take well in excess of 8 months, due to the constant changes in the text and photographs and layout! Remember the more work that you can do the cheaper the whole process will be.

As each book is individual, we like to make sure that the cost we give you reflects accurately the costs involved and the discounts that are available for longer runs. Please fill out our online application form or print out this form and either fax or mail to the address provided on the form.

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