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Get your work published via this website. High quality publishing of your book using the latest in digital and Internet technology.

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  Directory publishing.
Burnham Media Services for a number of Years have produced Directories and Yearbooks in association with a number of Organisations.

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  Directory Advertising
Burnham Media Services have been chosen by several organisations to sell the advertising space within their directories and yearbooks. These directories and yearbooks are the main source of information used by all sections of the organisations and would give you direct exposure to the individuals responsible for the sourcing of goods and services within it.

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  Out of Print?.
We can bring out of print books or manuals back to life......

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  Book and cover design service
We can lead authors through every stage of their book's development.

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Welcome to Burnham Media from Peter Hamblin

Peter HamblinI have spent 15 years in print with the last 7 years in book and directory printing. I have helped numerous authors achieve their dream of seeing their manuscript turned into a finished book that they can be justifiably proud of.

I hope, as you browse through our site, that you will find some of the our services beneficial to your needs.

There are several areas of contact throughout our site but if you need any information what so ever please do not hesitate to contact me directly,
I am here to help. Thank you for choosing to visit Burnham Media.

Email: peter@burnhammedia.co.uk

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